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Below are some articles that may help to explain some, but certainly not all of the paranormal claims we sometimes receive from our clients.  Not all of the cases that we investigate turn out to be paranormal.  Sometimes our clients just needed to look at what was happening from a different point of view. 

Claim:  "I was held down in my bed and felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I couldn't move."

    This could be the work of a spirit, that is after all what all the Paranormal TV shows would have you believe.  Yet, this could just be Sleep Paralysis, a common but unexplained phenomena.  The following news article does a good job of explaining what Sleep Paralysis is.

Why Sleep Paralysis Can Make You See Ghosts

This one is from WebMD:  Sleep Paralysis Symptoms - WebMD

Claim:  "I dreamed or awoke to someone standing over my bed" or "My child wakes up screaming in the middle of the night crying."

    This could be the work of a spirit or it could be Night Terrors, another common but unexplained phenomena.

    This is another article from WebMD that could explain this.  Night Terros - WebMD

We here at CGI are by no means therapists or psychologists.  When we receive these claims, we investigate the probable cause.  We ask the client if they have spoken to their doctor about these occurrences and explain why we asked. 

Remember we are investigators, we investigate claims of the paranormal.  But, before we say something is paranormal in nature, we have to rule out all other possible explanations.